Our 2015 recital will be held on June 11th and our dress rehearsal the day before on June 10th. Both will start at 6:30 PM with dancers expected to arrive between 5:30 and 6:00 PM. The dress rehearsal will be run in order of the show Mahaffeywith costumes and make-up; this practice will allow all parents to take pictures and video their child. It also gives the teachers and students a chance to clarify any last questions and become familiar with our performance space.

Recital Prep

In late April we will be sending a complete recital handbook that will fill you in on all the aspects of this event . Our desire is for a fun, successful and stress free recital. Please feel free to ask or email Brucie at brucie@brucieklays.com/ with any questions or concerns.

Recital Fee

The Recital Fee is due in February. The fee goes towards the rental of the Mahaffey Theater, Unionized backstage crew, Backstage Manager, House Manager, security personnel, ushers, theater lighting and sound equipment. Police officers from the City of St. Petersburg are required, janitorial crew, along with scenery rental, recital program printing, and music editing, as well as insurance coverage. The fee is $80 per family.

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Ticket sales will occur in May and all seats are reserved seating at a cost of $18.00. The Mahaffey will be charging an additional service charge of $2.50 per ticket.