brucieflood1As many of you know this summer was one of the wettest on record.  In fact, Tampa shattered a 42-year-old record for the amount of rainfall on Aug. 1. By 3 p.m., it had already received 3.1 inches. The previous record, from 1973, was 2.60 inches.

A weather spotter in New Port Richey measured a rain rate of 3 inches per hour on August 1st.

This much rain in such a short time, closed many roads in Tampa.  While Manhattan Avenue was not closed but, it did get elprado floodrather deep. Unfortunately, the dance studio sustained some flooding. When all was said and done there were a few inches of water in the studio. However, we have been working hard and have repaired the damage.  We have also taken this opportunity to make some changes in the layout of the studio.  Be sure to check out the new student lounge on your next visit.

We are looking forward to having our first classes of the Fall season today.